College of International Education (CIE) is one of the second-level colleges of Jinling Institute of Technology (JIT)that responsible for the operation of Sino-foreign cooperative education programs and international educational exchange programs. CIE activelyrespondtothenational higher education internationalization development strategy, commits itself to promoting the development of international education ofJIT,and actively cooperates with offshore universities in promoting the reform of education and teaching.CIE has established cooperative relations with universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Austria, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and other countries, and has built a multi-functional international education cooperation and exchange platform for JIT.

Currently, CIE has four Sino-foreignjoint programs approved by the Ministry of Education, including JIT-SUNY (USA) Horticulture (Biotechnology), JIT-QUT (Australia) Software Engineering, JIT-DMU (UK) Telecommunication Engineering, and JIT-GCU (UK) Civil Engineering.With high quality and good social reputation, all of these programs have passed the qualification assessment of Sino-foreign cooperative education by the Ministry of Education.In addition to JIT-GCU (UK) Civil Engineering, the other three programs have been evaluated by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education as the “13th Five-Year Plan”high-level demonstration construction programs, and “Sino-USA Joint Laboratory of Horticultural Biotechnology” is a joint scientific research project for Sino-US cooperation in running university in Jiangsu Province.

The Sino-foreign joint programs are oriented to the key fields of international competition and the needs of the social employment market. CIE collects the high-quality educational resources of Chinese and foreign universities, imparts students with international standards and industry-leading professional knowledge, cultivates students’ intercultural communication ability, and enhancesstudents’ international competitiveness and social adaptability.Since 2003, 1,445 students under these programs have graduated with double diplomas, and more than 85% of the graduates have been admitted to the world’s top 100 universities as postgraduates.

CIE has frequent cooperation and exchanges with universities in Australia, Russia, Taiwan(China) and Macau(China). More than 20 students that major in Accountinghave been selectedQueensland University of Technology to carry out intercollegiate oriented cooperative training. More than 200 students are selected to Taiwan(China) and Macau(China) for credit exchange and study. Nearly 100studentsare recommendedto Macau University of Science and Technologyto pursue postgraduate study. 22students are recommended toBunin Yelets State University, Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies and Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologiesto pursue postgraduate study.CIE accept 5students from Hong Kong(China), Macau(China) and Taiwan(China) and 3 students from the Philippines for credit exchange and learning.